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From February 3 to November 3 most things have remained the same with the exception of a few issues which are not favorable to the city.  Well the economy is still in the tank. 

             Number two:  A new story in the Business Journal of a report issued to the Springfield Chamber of Commerce on October 14th said:  “cities job growth, low wages as Springfield issues”.  Mac Holladay, founder and CEO of Atlanta-based Market Street Services Inc. delivered the findings of a competitive analysis of the Springfield-area economic landscape.  "Economic development is about creating wealth for people ... we need to be talking about how we're going to get wages up, not keep them down," Holladay said. Another troubling issue, Holladay said, is a "culture of poverty," a situation where families have come to accept poverty. The study shows 2007 poverty rates of 13.7 percent for families and 19.9 percent for children in Springfield. Both rates are the highest of the four communities studied. "With poverty rising - bringing with it a host of social and demographic challenges - and below-average wages forcing some existing and potential residents to choose elsewhere to live, Springfield is struggling to maintain its foothold in the new economy," Holladay wrote in the study's conclusion.  There is a direct connection between new jobs, higher wages, and economic development to the police-firefighter pension shortfall.  When the citizens receive more income they and/or their families will spend more which in turn will lead to higher sales tax revenue for the City which is what is used to pay on or pay off the pension fund.  The City has been asked at meeting to produce a economic development plan as required by the state audit and still none has been made public.            Number three: the City has extra money for job training right now and the SBA has 2 billion worth of grants for small companies working in new technologies.  The Office of Technology administers the Small Business Innovation Research awarding $2 billion to small high-tech businesses.  Changing the second industrial park to a technology park in name and concept would open up opportunities for companies to apply for these grants.   The one issue that clearly remains the same is people are still hurting. 

Please see  Springfield needs our Jobs Plan when the federal infrastructure and job money comes.   Please help spread the word and do anything you can to help:  Order by calling the number below or make your own yard signs.  Hand out flyers, Call Talk Radio and Tell Friends, Neighbors, Etc. To Help Send Checks to New Jobs Not New Taxes: 1441 South Estate Ave Springfield, MO 65804.  Include employer name, Retired, student, etc. to turn into ethics commission only. Any amount $1, $10 $50 etc.  Also we Need to get as many e-mail addresses as possible.


Big-City Skyscraper Burns Ozark Town 


Please help spread the word and do anything you can to help: Order by calling the number below or make your own yard signs. Hand out flyers, Call Talk Radio and Tell Friends, Neighbors, Etc. To Help Send Checks to New Jobs Not New Taxes: 1441 South Estate Ave Springfield, MO 65804. Include employer name, Retired, student, etc. to turn into ethics commission only. Any amount $1, $10 $50 etc. Also we Need to get as many e-mail addresses as possible.


Our Member Carl Herd Hits the Nail on the Head! Special tax districts of limited use, increase burden  

click here to find out why critics are raising some red flags before Council approves two more.  


Please copy and make your own copies and give a copy to everyone you know!The City of Springfield Missouri was supposed to have an economic plan per the state audit of two years ago.  Mary Lilley Smith needs to resign as the Economic Development Director.  She oversaw millions of dollars wasted on the Heers Building.  We need to start a search for a new Economic Development Director.

Name                                     Address                                                                             Sign ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Statement Released: At the recent meeting of the group new jobs not new taxes members of the public and former mayor candidate George Donnigan agreed that changing the second industrial park to a technology park by name and concept could help create jobs and improve the economy which could help bring revenues to pay the police/fire pension shortfall.  Recent announcements that Blue Springs and Mexico Missouri are creating technology parks and the times and dates of the upcoming City of Springfield public meetings held by the Pension Task force will be posted at           

The State Audit released nearly two years said the City needs a economic plan and none yet exist.  The City needs to advertise for and hire a new economic director that will work to create jobs for the people.  City manager Greg Burris was on KWTO Morning Line on May 20 and said a one cent sales tax will pay off deficit in 5 years, a half cent in 10 to 20 years, and a quarter cent would never get it paid.  He said he explained that in over 80 public presentations during the tax campaign.  He also said trying bonds would be a disaster and when asked where the pension funds are invested he said a lot in real estate.  Guess what?  The sales tax is coming in August or November so watch for those public meeting dates.  The City does not talk about growing our economy, creating jobs, and increasing revenues to pay off the money that was already supposed to be paid into the pension fund.

Breaking May 23 New Technology Parks accross Missouri:

Jackson County - Blue Springs Development of New Regional Science ...

MU Plant Science Research Center announcement - Mexico, MO ...

A MUST SEE:   Bob Dylan - Jokerman 

the kinks - permanent wave

YouTube - Susan Boyle - Final - Britains Got Talent 2009

This story tells it all---from KSPR  Springfieldians Find Job Market Empty

PUBLIC MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT next at Brentwood Library in Springfield on April 23 from 6:00 to 9:00pm.  Group New Jobs Not New Taxes will discuss Technology Park Issue and how to help along with general Economic Issues and JOBS!


You're right, changing our mindset from an industrial society to a technological one is key to Missouri's economy. However, as a new legislator, I have no idea where we would start to implement something like this. As a "closet tech head" myself, I think this is a wonderful idea. Do you mind if I share your information with a few other legislators to see how we could do this? I'll keep you posted on my progress.


Tishaura Jones



Dear Steven:


I think this is something the Department of Economic Development should look into to see how to make this work.  The State is very interested in attracting and retaining high paying jobs.


Keep up the good work!



Allen Icet

State Representative


District 84


Dear Honorable Representative Kenny Jones:

With the stimulus money pending this seems like a very important time to move our state economy forward.  Clearly our mental mindset is very important.  I agree we can not wave a wand and create new jobs.  Yet by creating and changing by name from industrial parks to technology parks and by concept we can change the mindset of our statewide economy so we can create and attract new jobs and companies.  Clearly our state must compete not only with India and China but even other states. 

By joining together and even talking with the Governor, State Senators and even other State Representative we can move on this now.  Creating a ‘Technology Park Czar” is something that would be a good step.  Yes I would be interested, but this is not about me or a group it is about the best way to move it forward.  The Technology Park Czar or Technology Czar could promote the Technology development in our state and report to the legislature and Governor on a quarterly basis.  Of course creating better paying jobs will lead to more consumer buying in our state helping other business owners and bringing in more sales taxes to pay for our services.  I have about 10 boxes of accumulated information on “technology Parks” and would be glad to testify or share it with the legislature.

There seems to be no way we could lose with an issue like this and really we can re-direct the State Economic Development to promote “Technology Jobs”.  By taking action in Missouri in a case such as this could be very beneficial in times where people are being bombarded with daily reports of how bad the economy is and how bad it is going to get and haw many people have lost and will lose their jobs.  These steps could if nothing else give people hope that new jobs are being pursued.  Here are some comments from your peers.  Please let me know of any thoughts you have on the issue.  You are also are invited to the next meeting at Brentwood Library in Springfield on April 23 from 6:00 to 9:00pm.

Thanks and have a great day!  Sincerely,

Steven L. Reed

1441 South Estate Ave.

Springfield, MO 65804


RE: Letter to Governor Nixon‏


Representative Ed Wildberger (


Mon 3/16/09 9:19 AM


'steven reed' (


Steven, The letter hits the nail on the head. All the experts agree that new manufacturing jobs are hard to find and our workers future is in the high tech job market. It sounds like Greg Williams has his head buried in the sand. Unfortunately it sounds as if you received a form letter reply. Re send the letter to my office and I will see to it that a copy gets to the Director of Economic Development and the Gov’s chief of staff. Ed  

RE: Letter to Governor Nixon‏


Eric Burlison (


Mon 3/16/09 4:58 PM


steven reed (



Thank you for your active involvement in government. I hope that we can see a Technology Park in the Ozarks someday soon. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,

Eric Burlison



Scott Dieckhaus (


Thu 3/19/09 4:56 PM


steven reed (


Mr. Steven Reed,

     Thank you for getting back with me so quickly.  I did look over the letter to the Governor.  I do personally believe that we should support higher paying jobs, but not necessarily increase the minimum wage any further.  I am a proponent of Technology Parks; we have several within my district, and they serve the local communities well.


Rep. Scott Dieckhaus109th District

RE: Letter to Governor Nixon‏


Jim Guest (


Fri 3/20/09 9:51 PM


steven reed (


Yes, personally I think we should be working for the higher paying jobs like you would have in a technology park.  You will have some opposition from some business owners who are concerned that the competition for the worker will cause them to pay a higher wage to keep their workers.  As you increase the disposable income of the workforce you will have the other businesses benefiting from it.  Jim 

Jim Kreider   Dear Steve,This is a good letter but more importantly a good initiative and a perfect project for stimulus dollars out of DC in my opinion. Every city and county in Missouri wants and need a Tech Park. In today’s world technology and internet access is essential of the economy in the 21st century. Missouri could do much better in this aspect. Take good care 

Jamilah Nasheed District 60

Mr. Reed, Thank you for contacting me about technology parks. I appreciate the information you have provided me. I am encouraged by your passion and dedication to this particular issue, and I admire those constituents who practice their civic duty. Stay focused and I will continue to give my full attention to this important issue.

I agree with you--- Jeanette Mott Oxford 59th District

Sharon Pace 70th District

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding technology parks.  I suggest that you also contact your State Representative, Sara Lampe.  I agree that we need to encourage developing technology jobs in Missouri both for the well being of our citizens as well as that of the State. 

Rep. Tim Jones.

Mr. Reed,

Thank you very much for your note and comments below.  Technology Parks sounds like a great idea and I would be happy to support such an economic development tool.

Thank you for contacting me and I hope to be helpful in this endeavor.

MARCH 10, 2009 Jefferson City,GOV Constituent Services ( Honorable Governor Jay Nixon:To become a successful Governor you will need to sidestep power and special interest to stand up for the people and what they want which in the current case the people desperately need JOBS.I understand that creating new jobs, including technology jobs, is one of your most pressing issues.  That is why I hope you take this request very serious.  I know some people or groups may say new technology jobs are not needed----- Greg Williams, CEcD, Senior Vice President, Economic Development---Greg is responsible for and directs the Chamber's economic development program to increase the economic base of the Springfield area by procurement of new business and industry. This includes identification of, tracking and follow-up of prospects/suspects. Greg is staff contact for the Springfield Business and Development Corporation (SBDC).  Greg told me yelling on the phone a few years ago that if we brought in a technology park it would collapse the economy because of the higher paying jobs.  Of course you understand that the chamber is not an elected government entity and I have spoke to people who are business members who say they understand that higher paying jobs would benefit them since more people could afford their goods and products.A public meeting was held and we talked about issues people want to see happen in the Springfield area.  Many people are very concerned and consider Job creation as urgent and as a matter of survival.  One idea is the Technology Park which by way of this letter you are asked to look at helping the city changing the second industrial park to a technology park to create new jobs for the people of the area.  It would cost virtually nothing to change the second industrial park (millions have already been spent on infrastructure while it sits almost empty), by concept and name to a “technology park” and seek funding from the state and federal economic departments for start up companies.  Please see which has information about technology parks in India to Indiana.From: Indiana Certified Technology Park
Certified Tech Park / OSC Expansion Announced
See the Press Release:

11. VERY IMPORTANT---See the Indiana Economic Development Corporation explanation of The Certified Technology Park Program including the actual State Law that was passed by the Legislature.
12. Indiana Technology Park Law
March 2006
Certified Technology Parks spark growth for the future
By Pat Callahan
It was three years ago in May that the state of Indiana launched the Certified Technology Park program by christening Purdue Research Park as the state's first economic development hotbed. A product of the 2002 tax restructuring legislation, the program has since expanded to 13 other locations, from Evansville to Fort Wayne and Terre Haute to Richmond.
The reason for creating the parks is obvious: Indiana must continue to move beyond its rust belt heritage and encourage the development of high-tech, high-wage and high-growth industries in order to remain competitive in the 21st century. While it would be nice to think we could attract large, established firms to our state, realistically, we must expect a lot of our economic growth to come from homegrown businesses.

In creating the Certified Technology Park program, the state's economic development leaders hoped to create places where entrepreneurial and innovative companies could take root, develop their products and technologies, and prosper. To make this possible, they focused on some basic tactics: leverage and support the enthusiasm and innovation of entrepreneurs; create technologically advanced environments where high-tech businesses can prosper and spur development in their communities; and facilitate collaboration between the state's academic and corporate sectors, making it possible for university research advances to translate into commercial ventures.
See the whole story---this tells it all:
13. Indiana IU Certified Technology Park
See the whole story:
The state economic development can help promote it and we also ask for some of the federal stimulus money to promote it and to market it for new technology company locations.  As reported on KOLR 10 we are sending this letter to ask you to contact and work with the City of Springfield to change by name and concept the second industrial park. 
  1. Thanks to KOLR 10 TV station,

Local Interest Group Aims to Help City Budget
A local interest group is lobbying to rebuild the Springfield economy.
They did a very good job on the story about the public meeting on the economy and the pension fund.  Our members appreciate it as well as the public I am sure does too!  ### We believe that growing new jobs including technology and higher paying ones will grow the economy and sales tax which can help pay down the police and fire fighters pension shortage.  Some of the money could be used for unemployed people to get loans or grants to start their own businesses.  The foundation of free enterprise is people doing what they like and are best when producing goods or services benefits all society. Also at the meeting one lady stressed that growing local food would benefit the health of so many and that she would like tom see some of the stimulus money spent in that area.  One lady wants to know if her husband can get job training since her husband along with over a 100 people lost their jobs at Roadway Trucking.An additional note:  The City of Springfield actually does little and spends very little funds to promote economic development for the people.  Yet the City of Springfield has spent money and helped to build a new building for BKD across from the Federal Building in Springfield.  Is it ironic that the Chamber of Commerce Chairma Andrew Lear BKD

Statement Released: Thanks to all those who helped get the public meeting together, those who attended, and those who were not able to make the meeting. Within a few days: 
  1. Statements of issues and ideas will be submitted to the City and posted on the website.  2.  A letter will be sent to Governor Jay Nixon concerning Technology Park.
  1. Thanks to KOLR 10 tv station,
    Local Interest Group Aims to Help City Budget Play Media
    A local interest group is lobbying to rebuild the Springfield economy.

They did a very good job on the story about the public meeting on the economy and the pension fund.  Our members appreciate it as well as the public I am sure does too!  ### 

Springfield(MO)  MoDOT held its proposed transportation meeting Tuesday night, March 10, 2009.  Local activist asked why the Rail Passenger Service was not included at any funding level?  Steven Reed pointed out that just two years ago the highway department put out a press release supporting it.  Note that has been removed from the State MoDOT site.
Reed says that over ten years thousands of people have spoke out from Springfield to Branson to St. Louis and even The
mayor of Branson, Raeanne Presley recently said she has always supported the Rail Passenger Service.  "I say to people ac cross the State Rise up (St. Louis, Rolla, Lebanon, Springfield, Branson),

OTHERS AGREE:  Transportation Commission okays list of stimulus fund projects Click on this Ky3 Story.


MoDOT + stimulus funds = FAIL

Pitch Weekly - ‎Mar 19, 2009 Statement Released:

February 21, 2009  According to the News-Leader “On Tuesday, Mayor Tom Carlson Carlson asked City Manager Greg Burris to begin gathering names of people who would be willing to volunteer on the police-fire pension fund task force.  “I went to all the power plant meetings---members of the public all gave very detailed and researched comments week after week---I spoke towards the end and told the whole group that the Task Force Members were going to recommend the power plant no matter what anyone said---I remember Mr. Stack was not happy with me”  says Steven Reed  Please ask Mike Schilling what he thought of the meetings and how fair they were?   

On some streets like Prospect; Calhoun, and Nichols where houses have been abandoned because the people were not able to pay their utilities-a housing emergency?  There was over $245,580 in late fees issued to last month from City Utilities.  The Goals and Objectives of the meeting are to have Open Discussions on: 1. What People want the Federal Stimulus money spent on. 2. The Economy  3. Specific steps to solve the Pension Shortfall. 

“We are taking the lead to have a meeting that will look at helping the overall condition of the Springfield economy and a comprehensive plan to address that will be the best way to solve the whole police fire pension shortage.  We want to take negatives and turn them into positives by getting real input of the People---i.e. Democracy”  says Joe D. Casey                                                            ###

Statement Feb. 5, 2009

In response to the News-Leader Editorial:  Our Voice: Case must be made

And Statement Released via World Wide Web:


Our group handed out literature and posted signs and many other things to not only educate the citizens of Springfield on this issue, but also to make them aware that this was on the ballot.  Now the city after having being defeated at the polls once is already back in campaign mode in order to push this same issue down the throats of the voters again.  The city refuses to consider other options to a tax increase and that is wrong.                                                            



Your Editorial suggested several ways for the city to correct this problem;    1. Get your financial house in order; we agree that full disclosure is required before any solution can be addressed.  It is very important to know where the pension money was  invested!  The city can not win the trust of the voters without this information.  2.  Research alternatives to reinvigorate pension fund.   NL offers several alternatives, but we believe returning the police and firefighters back to social security and a fully matched 401k to be the best viable option.  Especially with the way the pension fund was mismanaged by the city.  A person could get a better return on their money with a couple cases of mason jars than whatever investments the city used.  3. Talk to us and not at us.  We agree. Arrogance by city officials is not becoming of public servants.  They need to remember who they work for and who pays the bills including their salaries.  Finally, set aside your hubris and veiled threats.  We don't think any of their threats were "veiled".  They did a good job of communicating, except for the lying. The city presented this as a 1% tax increase in city sales tax, when in fact it was an 80% tax increase.  The city currently gets 1.3 cents per dollar adding a penny makes that 2.3 cents per dollar.  The people of Springfield aren't that stupid and don't need to have our intelligence insulted by these outright lies.    We support our police and firefighters and wish them no harm. We did not misspend their pension fund.  Yet if we do not address the fundamental issues that caused this problem to begin with we will come no closer to solving it in the future.  We can not stand idly by and let the same people who created this mess try to fix it, which would be a mistake of major proportion and a disservice to the citizens of Springfield!   


We are asking Senator Claire McCaskill to hold some open meetings about what people want and where stimulus monies are going to be spent here.  Clearly we can not just rely on the state and federal governments to take care of creating jobs.  We will have some public meetings in the near future to discuss a Jobs program and develop a list of solutions for the pension fund we plan to turn over to the City Leaders with info to be posted at  The City has already made it clear that it will put the one cent sales tax back on the ballot or else.  Clearly if the City refuses to even talk of other options, then I would say remember it only takes two to tangle!  After taking over ten economic courses at College of the Ozarks and then Webster University, one thing I learned was everyone benefits when the economy grows and in this case can help pay down the amount owed to the police and fireman pension fund.  We need to change the second industrial park (millions have already been spent on infrastructure while it sits almost empty), by concept and name to a “technology park” and seek funding from the state and federal economic departments for start up companies.  Springfield needs our own Jobs Plan when the federal infrastructure and job money comes.  We can grow our economy with new and better jobs that will allow people to spend and consume more, helping everyone and paying more sales taxes that can be used to pay down the pension fund which got behind over a ten year period.
Steven L. Reed Founder
 New Jobs Not New Taxes 

1441 South Estate Ave.
Springfield, MO 65804 417-882-2942


Steven Reed


February 1, 2009

 Some of our members include:

Fred Ellison Candidate for Council 234-4437

Thadd Gieralach

Tom Gargus

Tom Martz Candidate for Council 894-4322

Joe David Casey

Carl Herd 299-1514

Allan Porterfield

other names will be added Monday.  NOTE:  Other Citizens are members but did not want it to be known their names.  Some people have been afraid to speak out against the Police and the City.

YouTube - Chrissie Hynde - I Shall Be Released

I want to thank all the members of the Group for Working So Hard!  There was very much Blood, Sweat and Tears go into the campaign over the last month.  SLR


Here is the News-Leader Story that put one sentence about our group. 

Voters turn out for city elections

More Threats today from the City and tonight they tell KSPR they are gearing up to put it on the ballot again.  Round Two if it comes will be a lot easier the People Spoke against Goliath and the money power machine. 

·                     Springfield Voters Reject Sales Tax for Police Pension


·                      Burris: Pension fund shortfall 'is not a debt that goes away'

IN     KSPR Story we are in--- City Gears Up For Round II  KSPR, MO - Feb 4, 2009


ORGANIZE ---ORGANIZE---ORGANIZE---Get others to Join!

The way to solve the pension situation is to CREATE NEW JOBS AND GROW OUR ECONOMY

Several Issues We Support are:

1.  We need the Second Industrial Park changed to a Technology Park.

2.  We are asking Claire McCaskill to hold a Public Meeting to take input on what areas the Citizens would like the Stimulas Money to go too.

Chicago- Dialogue (1975)


The News-Leader did not give our group a chance to resond! Please e-mail Managing Editor: Julie Hollar and ask her to call Gannett---the group Fair monitors fair election coverage! Our group had to beg for 10% of the innk and the city got the rest---the People got the shaft! General Chris Koster Sent to Governor Jay Nixon's contact page January 30, 2009 Dear Attorney General Koster and Governor Nixon : I was in the Library yesterday and they had a stack of the literature.  I am asking a cease and desist order and that the Governor or the Attorney General order the Highway Patrol to pick up the literature in question.  The election is Tuesday and action needs to happen today which could be done by calling the City of Springfield.  The literature is in question as to its legality.  The Greene County Library receives State and Federal Monies.  Our group had a meeting this week and during bad weather we put our signs up by the door since the library had been closed the day before.  They allow signs at he south library at the meeting room entrance.  We were told three times to take down the signs by the main library staff manager (Mel).  The staff said we did not get them approved an excuse.  Here is a news story that shows the signs: 

Roundtable Held to Discuss Sales Tax Ballot Issue
(Springfield, MO) -- In less than one week, voters will decide on the future of Springfield's ...

  Founder Steven Reed filed a complaint over how the City of Springfield is printing materials.  This is a link to a story about it:  City swaying tax vote, citizen claims


Click to see the Breaking News Story from the front page of the News-Leader:

 City swaying tax vote, citizen claims

Steven Reed (left), who helped gather petition signatures to initiate the audit, asks a question about the findings as Jeff Kenkel listens in on Thursday. (Jess heugel / News-Leader)
Roundtable Held to Discuss Sales Tax Ballot Issue Play Media
(Springfield, MO) -- In less than one week, voters will decide on the future of Springfield's ...
Springfield Business Journal


Business leaders ponder sales tax





NEW JOBS--NOT NEW TAXES--VOTE NO ON FEBRUARY 3, 2009!  We Need YOUR help to show Democracy still works!  The City made bad investments and has put almost no money in the Police/Firefighters Pension Fund in the last 10 years.  Now they want YOU the People of Springfield to BAIL THEM OUTThe Bad Guys are the City Leaders who made poor investments and failed to fully fund the Pension Plan using the money instead on pet projects like the Ice Skating Rink, a million dollars to redo the square, the Heers etc.Seniors and retirees are being hoodwinked into voting to WASTE  money they earned over a lifetime!  More knowledgeable and aggressive investments could have produced more dividends for the fund, along with payments the City agreed to make on a yearly basis as per the people who made the original Pension Agreement and Contract.  People are losing their homes and some are having trouble having enough money to buy food for themselves and families.  On some streets like Evans, Calhoun, and Nichols where houses have been abandoned because the people were not able to pay their utilities----a housing emergency!  There were over $245,580 in late fees issued to last month  from City Utilities.  We need new JOBS and opportunities  We need to change the second industrial park (millions have already been spent on infrastructure while it sits almost empty), by concept and name to a “technology park” and seek funding from the state and federal economic departments for start up companies.  Please see  Springfield needs our Jobs Plan when the federal infrastructure and job money comes.   Please help spread the word and do anything you can to help:  Order by calling the number below or make your own yard signs.  Hand out flyers, Call Talk Radio and Tell Friends, Neighbors, Etc. To Help Send Checks to New Jobs Not New Taxes: 1441 South Estate Ave Springfield, MO 65804.  Include employer name, Retired, student, etc. to turn into ethics commission only. Any amount $1, $10 $50 etc.  Also we Need to get as many e-mail addresses as possible.  THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR A BAILOUT.   The City claims the sky is falling in an effort to Fleece the People.  Voting yes will amount to a 200 Million Dollar Tax Increase, the Largest in the History of Springfield!  "Trying to pass a sales tax increase when we have one of the worst economies in the nation's history sounds, outrageous, bizarre, ludicrous, and down right wrong.”  To help go to:  417-882-2942  Paid for by New Jobs Not New Taxes Steven L. Reed, Treasurer


This is a very good article by the Springfield Business Journal that shows there are other options and how did we get so far behind on the Pension Fund?

Springfield not alone in pension funding woes


The News-Leader SAYS NO!                                                                 

Our Voice
No: Too much, too soon too risky 

No: Too much, too soon too risky


Statement Issued:  Monday January 26, 2009


Dear Julie:


Managing Editor: Julie Hollar


I am helping lead a group in southwest Missouri opposing a tax issue that could have a negative effect on lower income people and seniors.


We have had very fair coverage from the local News-Leader.  As far as the local television and radio we have sent press releases and have heard nothing from them.


Presently we have a meeting set for this week.


            I am wanting to know if your organization could help monitor this meeting Wend.  Please note I will be checking phone and e-mail in the evenings when not at work!


            I have always heard good things about your organization and keep up the good work!




Steven Reed and Jeff Kenkel



STATEMENT ISSUED FROM:   New Jobs Not New Taxes VOTE NO and Possible Solutions January 18, 2009 
  1. The People of Springfield should not be hoodwinked.  The City took years to get the Pension Fund in a mess and now they say the sky is falling and the City is ready to close up.  The public just became aware of the situation.  The City should be allowed more than a few weeks to decide on this issue.  First they should be able to voice concerns.  The People should vote this down and the City could put it on the June ballot.  That would allow time to see what the economy is going to do.  This tax will affect the lower income people the most i.e. loseing thousands of jobs in Springfield and Homes being lost and having trouble buying food.
  1. Having a Vote in June would allow the City to prove to the voters it is not just a Bailout.  First thing is that the City is making real efforts and planning “in writing” to attract JOBS TO SPRINGFIELD and consideration of the Technology Park which could be change by name with little cost.
  1. It is time to cool our jets.  The Stock Market has started to rise.  By June we could see how that would effect the Pension Fund investments.  People need to be informed exactly where the City has the Money in the Pension Plan invested. The Bass ProWonders of Wildlife has City Money going to it via the Hotel Motel Tax and since the Museum is shut down that money should be going to the City Budget and Pension Fund. 
  1. WE need to Create New High Paying Jobs in Springfield.  We need to change the second industrial park (millions have already been spent on infrastructure while it sits almost empty), by concept and name to a “technology park” and seek funding from the state and federal economic departments for start up companies.  Please see  Need to Plan for JOBS  Springfield needs our Jobs Plan when the federal infrastructure and jobs money comes. Higher paying jobs mean more spending and the tax revenues they create would increase city tax revenue and help pay the police and fire fighters pension short fall. 



  1. Nobel Prize-winning and world renowned economist Milton Freidman always pointed out that it you want less of an activity Tax IT.  So the City could actually cause sales tax revenue to decrease including car sales to other cities and counties. 
  1. Domestic Violence and Police Calls increase because of money problems.  Low income families will have more trouble making ends meet with this tax increase which means more police calls.  Families and those with kids will have a harder time buying food and making payments.  It is a known fact that lower income people are affected more by higher sales taxes.  To place a sales tax increase on the backs of lower income people for mistakes made by Springfield Leaders is wrong.


News January 12, 2009


What:  Paperwork is on its way by mail to the Missouri Ethics Commission and Greene County Clerk Richard Struckoff a group opposing the increase in the Sales Tax of Springfield Missouri by one cent on the February 3, 2009 City Ballot. 


The Statement of Committee Organization papers full name of committee is:

 New Jobs Not New Taxes 

Ballot Measure Supported or Opposed is:  1 Cent Tax for Police and Fire Pension System


Treasurer is Steven Reed

Deputy Treasurer is Jeff Kenkel




Statement from Jeff Kenkel:

 The 1 percent sales tax increase proposed by the Springfield City Council places an unfair burden on the taxpayers of Springfield especially the elderly, single mothers, low income families, and the disabled. and should be rejected by the voters of Springfield. This tax seeks to correct the mistakes of our city government by penalizing the citizens of Springfield who put their trust in incompetent leaders who misspent money designated for the retirement of city employees. Rather than try to correct this problem by curbing spending within the city government they seek more money in order to solve the problem. The best way to correct this problem is to encourage economic growth within the city. Technology Park 2006 was formed for this direct purpose rather than impoverish the citizens of Springfield our group seeks to enrich them with better paying jobs and a higher standard of living. In the words of JFK "a rising tide lifts all ships" by increasing the quality of life for the people of Springfield we will solve our economic problems in the long term. In the short term the people of Springfield need to take a very hard look at the competence and intellect of our city leaders not only our elected officials but the people who are appointed and spend this money these people should not only be fired they should be ran out of town. These are the bureaucrats that are not elected who feel that they are above the laws and responsibility that others must burden….. We need to change the second industrial park (millions have already been spent on infrastructure while it sits almost empty), by concept and name to a “technology park” and seek funding from the state and federal economic departments for start up companies.  Please see Need to Plan for JOBS  Springfield needs our Jobs Plan when the federal infrastructure and jobs money comes.  Research and development of solar wind and other forms of technology can be done at the Technology Park.  A tax increase is about as likely that Elvis is still alive he just went into hiding. Higher paying jobs means more spending and the tax revenues they create would increase city tax revenue and help pay the police and fire fighters pension short fall. 


The City of Springfield says that the Wall Street drop shrunk the Pension Fund.  In the last week Wall street has started a rebound so those funds in the Pension Fund will start to rise again.  “We need to take a look at what investments the City has made in these funds and consider options with better returns.  Clearly the City needs to be putting aside more tax revenues to grow the Pension Fund.  But forcing a tax increase so the Citizens can BAILOUT and fix the City of Springfield’s problems is not the answer. THE STATE AUDIT RELEASED DECEMBER of 2007: 

Yellow Sheet:


“Over $8 million in city funds have been used to subsidize the Jordan Valley Ice Park and Car Park since these two facilities opened. The city's feasibility study for the Ice Park indicated the park should have been self supporting in the first year of operation; however, income from hockey activities have not developed as projected.

The city has not determined a revenue source to repay approximately $2.7 million in bonded indebtedness associated with the construction of the state crime lab, which is estimated to cost approximately $6.8 million.

The unfunded liability of the Police Officers and Firemen's Retirement System (Plan) has increased by approximately $100 million since 2000, and the city has not met the funding obligation for employer contributions as determined by actuarial calculations. Although the city has contributed $37.7 million to the Plan since 2000, the required funding continues to rise and the city's contribution has not increased at the same rate. In an effort to control the increasing liability, the City Council approved an ordinance making several changes to the Plan for employees hired on or after June 1, 2006, including changing the method by which retirement benefits are calculated, increasing the retirement age, and eliminating automatic annual cost of living increases. Since these changes only apply to recently hired employees, it will take a number of years before an appreciable impact is noted.

City policy allows some employees to accrue unlimited amounts of leave time, and receive compensation for the unused leave upon termination, resulting in a significant future liability for the city. Some city employees have received payments totaling over $100,000 for unused leave time upon retirement. These large payments constitute a significant future liability for the city and have increased the calculation of monthly retirement benefits for Police Officers and Firemen contributing to the under funding of the retirement plan.”


“This is Reality not the Twilight Zone?”


The group plans to speakout, maybe put out a few flyers, and a few signs.


Contact Information is:

 Steven Reed 417-882-2942Jeffery Kenkel  417-380-2530 or 336-9496  




 Fri 1/09/09 8:30 PM


As a book author of EXORBITANT PRIVILEGE, which addresses the world depression and the problems America has gotten itself into financially, i cannot support any new taxes during these financially troubled times. the citizens of this state and country need to put as many Dollars as possible into their pockets -- not less. Even a small tax will strip citizens of the few Dollars that are available for spending. So I would oppose the tax on those grounds alone.

Rick Lanning




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If it is ok we would like to put your comment on the new website:


And here are a few other things People can do.  Everybody who wants to can help on whatever part they want to.


So far the list is:


1.  Write Letters to the Editor why you feel this is not a good idea---News-Leader and Free Press.


3.  Ask People to Make there own signs Jobs Not Taxes---Just Say No Taxes etc. putting up website ok too


3.  People can give checks made out to the name of our group.  Used for signs, flyers, and at least a few radio commercials.


4.  Need someone calling Talk Radio every day---have them e-mail you or send to us.


5.  Tell Friends, Neighbors, Etc. 


6.  Need to get as many e-mail addresses as possible to send ideas---we can set up a free website---but better have enough members going or will hurt our creditability.

7.  New Jobs Not New Taxes

To Help Send Checks to: 1441 South Estate Ave Springfield, MO 65804 Include employer name, terired, student, etc. for turn into ethics commission only. Any amount $1, $10 $50 ect. THANKS


We can do this but yes it is a three week campaign---MAKE YOUR OWN SIGNS IF YOU WANT!





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